Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi – Co-Founder of the Omidi Brothers Charities

Julian Omidi Reaches out to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to one of the largest homeless populations in the United States; on any given night there are over 82,000 people that are homeless in Los Angeles County. It is difficult to be a resident of Los Angeles and not understand that there are people right in our community that are suffering.

“There are many who are suffering thousands of miles away from a lack of resources and having seen this struggle I knew I had to do something”

The struggle does not end at homelessness or on the streets of Los Angeles; there are many who are suffering thousands of miles away from a lack of resources and having seen this struggle I knew I had to do something about it, which is why I formed No More Poverty.

Over the course of a few months the original organization cofounded by Julian Omidi, No More Poverty, has been able to provide support to over two dozen charities ranging from homeless shelters to food kitchens to clean water projects and recovery houses. Julian Omidi, having seen what can be achieved, will continue to work to support other charities using the model of NMP.org

Julian Omidi Charities Branch Out to Provide Support for Many Causes

With the success of No More Poverty and our efforts to help those in need in Los Angeles and countries outside of the United States such as Uganda and South Sudan, it became apparent that the time had come to focus on assisting in other causes close to my heart, specifically in the areas of animal abuse and fighting the childhood obesity epidemic. To do so I founded Animal Support and Children’s Obesity Fund, which will provide support and grants to people and organizations that provide real solutions to these issues.

One of the key areas Julian Omidi hopes to benefit the causes of children’s obesity and animal abuse is through an enhanced awareness of where people can turn to provide their own support. Using his own charities as a means to provide resources and helpful links to other like-minded charities is one way Julian Omidi can increase awareness. Another opportunity will be through involvement on social media platforms to continually highlight the work that supported charities are performing to decrease the number of children trapped by obesity and animals that are being abused.

Julian Omidi encourages you to participate through volunteerism, direct support to like-minded charities, and through social media interaction. In this way lasting change can be enacted to improve the station of man, child, and man’s best friend.

In this way we can make significant change in the world and in our own communities.